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sample chips

> Build your own collection of your best-selling woods and finishes, or keep the entire set on hand.

> Showplace finish sample chips are CD-sized 5-1/2" x 5" chips, offered in every combination of standard woods, stains, paints and sheens, at $2.50 net each. These low-cost chips allow you to have a large number on hand to narrow your customer's choices.

Finish sample chips are not available with glazing, or with any specialty finish option. When you want to show a customer a glazed, distressed or Vintage finish, order a finish sample header, at right.

> You can also order the entire set of finish sample chips in either matte or satin sheen, or species-specific sets in your choice of sheen.

> Please visit for ordering information.

> Foil and high gloss acrylic sample chips are sold as a set, and are 4" x 6". Learn more.

> Since our wood sample chips are the same size as a standard CD case, you can use common CD racks for storage. Or you can organize and present your sample chips with our brand-imprinted chip caddy, below. Learn more.

sample headers

> Use sample headers as an economical way to show door style details and specialty finish options.

> Sample chips (left) are great for showing a wood and stain alone, but sometimes you need to show a customer more than that. Sample headers fill the need.

Select any door style, any header style, and any combination of finish options, including glazes, distressing and Vintage specialty finishes.

> Sample headers for woods and paints include all non-SG and non-exotic woods, and are offered at an affordable $10.00 net each.
Choose slab or FPH in any door style.

> Sample headers for slab surfaces include bamboo, wenge, SG woods, high-gloss acrylics, foils, and textured melamine. These are available at $15.00 net each. All of these headers are slab.

All finish sample headers are 11-1/2" x 5-3/4".

> Please visit for ordering information.

> Demonstrate the differences in the Vintage finish choices with our Vintage header stack, below. Learn more.

sample doors

> Sample doors give the best look at a style, wood and finish combination. In a hurry? Use Express Sample.

Sample doors are offered in all styles, woods and finishes, including specialty finishes. Sample doors come with your choice of header attached, or you can order the door only. Either way, the cost is $40.00 net each.

> 11-1/2" x 22-3/4" with header
> 11-1/2" x 17" without header

> Please visit for ordering information.

> The Express Sample option allows you to order up to three doors in your specified wood and finish combinations. All doors will be Chesapeake 275. Express Sample is intended to give a larger representation of woods and finishes only -- not door styles.

All woods, stains, glazes, distressing, and paints can be ordered through Express Sample. Painted samples will be an MDF door. (ColorSelect finishes are not available.) Use the Express Sample order form, and make sure it is in our hands before noon Central, and your sample doors will be ready to ship on the third business day. You can select from several shipping options, including next day air. Up to three doors may be ordered at one time using Express Sample. The cost is $45.00 net each.

> Please visit for ordering information.

>Display your door samples with our freestanding sample racks. Click an image below to learn more.


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